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Product features -A safe pressure IH punch which automatic cooking will be completed if it gets time -Elephant cook deliciously cooked with original pressure of 1.2 atm -It is a unique cooking method that repeatedly decompresses from variable pressure 1.2 atm to 1 atm at a stroke. ● First pressurize the ingredients at 1.2 atm for a certain time to soften the ingredients, and when the pressure is reduced to 1 atm, the sushi largely convects, so the taste will soak up to the part not immersed in the soup stock. -“Easy auto cook” that can be easily created simply by putting in materials -It is an automatic cooking just to select the recipe menu number you want to make by putting the ingredients.
You do not have to watch fire or put ingredients on the way, so you can cook homemade at ease. *Ally busy people! “Random reservation cooking” *You can book from 12 hours before completion. *(Maximum recipe cooking time is 12 hours, not all recipes can be reserved) *For meat dishes, only the surface is heated first to make it easy to confine the umami. *For vegetable dishes, after heating at 60 ° C to suppress boil-off, we cook and make reservation cooking that also sticks to taste.
*”Heat retaining function” that you can always eat at eating temperature *Because it has a heat retention function, keep it warm at eating temperature (about 75 ° C). *(Maximum heat retention time is 12 hours) *”Manual cooking” that you can choose “constant pressure” “variable pressure” “temperature cooking” as you like *You can also arrange cooking type and time etc, so you can enjoy arranging dishes. *”Cleaning” function when smell of cooking is anxious *If you are concerned about the smell remaining in the pan, put water and press and hold the reservation key for a long time, it turns into a cleaning function and suppresses the remaining smell. *Detailed description By “News-bridge”
Size: (W) 290 × (D) 375 × (H) 250 mm / ● Weight: about 7.0 kg, ※ ● Main Unit Operation Panel Display: Japanese / ● Maximum cooking capacity: 1.5 L / ● Rice cooking capacity: 1Go to 3Go (150g to 450g) / ● Temperature setting range: 100 / 90 / 80 / 70 / 60 / 50 / 40 ℃, ※ ◆ Power supply: AC 100 V (50/60 Hz) / ※ ◆ Power consumption: 1200 W / ● Power cord length: about 1.9 m, ◆ accessories: ● Steamed basket / ● Measuring cup / ● Japanese Instruction Manual, ● Japanese Instruction Manual URL (PDF):
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