Product Description:
Vilano NEUTRON Electric Folding Fat Bike, 20-Inch Wheels
he Vilano NEUTRON Electric Folding Bike is a head turning fat bike that will roll over anything as you zoom around town!
The 36V Samsung lithium-ion battery is housed internally, no one will know you’re on an electric bike until you fly past up the hill!
The cyclist determines how much help is needed during a ride. Turn on the simple control, choose the pedal assist level and zip away as the motor takes over the hard riding. Get to work fresh and sweat free or pedal away as the bike’s 7 speeds still offer plenty of exercise,
Depending on power level, environmental conditions (like steep inclines or strong winds), and available battery life, the Vilano NEUTRON’s range is15-30 miles.
Featuring Shimano components!
The 7 speed Shimano drivetrain and Evo Twist Grip shifter offer versatility to get you up and over even the most challenging terrain. Turn the 250 W Brushless Hub Direct Rear Drive DC Motor off, and the Vilano NEUTRON operates like a traditional bike.
The Vilano NEUTRON has mechanical disc brakes, and totally rad 20″ x 4″ CST FAT tires.
A folding fat tire e-bike that looks amazing and performs!
Assembly and tuning are required
Ready for whatever the day’s ride will bring, the fat tires corner well and the bike comes with a comfort saddle.
The Vilano NEUTRON’s alloy frame folds to 39″ L x 23″ W x 28″ H for easy storage and locking. If you are able to stop riding for a minute, get ready to answer lots of questions about your amazing looking electric bike!
E-bikes are here, and Vilano Bikes is at the forefront.
E-bikes are quiet, simple to use and truly “freedom machines”. They are an amazing tranportation solution for forward thinking, green minded people who want to enjoy the journey.
Vilano Bikes has offered quality bicycles since 2008. Check out Vilano’s extensive online knowledge base with assembly helps, maintenance tips, product information and more.

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