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Siroca Electric Pressure Cooker SP-D121 (W) (WHITE) Japan Domestic genuine products.
Product features: Just push the button with putting the ingredients. Easy time & negligence, electric pressure cooker fails, you can make delicious dishes cheaply. Easy electric pressure cooker. Electric pressure cooker of 5 roles for 1 unit, capable of pressure cooking, anhydrous cooking, steamed cooking, cooking, and re-heating. With this one you can make a variety of dishes. Taste the deliciousness of the material itself with anhydrous cooking.
While electric pressure cooker, you can enjoy “anhydrous cooking” which can cook without using water. It cooks only with the moisture of the ingredients so you can enjoy the taste of the ingredients themselves with a rich flavor. Electric pressure cooker, professional finish even if it is nothing. After putting the material, it is lit, so we can afford a little time. With the feeling that the stove has increased by one, we can make one more product. With pressure cooking, delicious usual dishes.
If it is an electric pressure cooker, the usual dish is finished up a notch. Curry, stew, pot-off etc etc, more delicious finish by pressure cooking. Easy pressure cooking 3 steps. The electric pressure cooker is controlled by a microcomputer. Just push the button after putting the material. Exquisite cuisine is completed in only 3 steps. Space saving compact size. Space-saving compact size that can be clearly placed. It is a size that you can always keep in the kitchen. Convenient heat retention function. After the cooking is finished, it will be automatically warmed so keep the prepared dishes warm. ※ Detailed description By “News-bridge” ※
※ Main Unit Operation Panel Display:Japanese / ※ Power supply: AC 100 V (50/60 Hz) / ※ Power consumption: 700 W, Timer: Up to 12 hours (white rice / brown rice only) / Preset number of menus: 5 / Capacity: cooking capacity: 1.3 L / nominal capacity: 2 L / Maximum working pressure: 70 kPa gauge pressure, Size: about (W) 22 × (D) 23.8 × (H) 24.9 cm / Body weight: about 2.7 kg / Power cord length: about 1.2 m, set content: Body / Measuring cup / Steamed plate / Packing for inner cover (spare) / Japanese Recipe Book / Japanese Instruction Manual, Japanese Instruction Manual URL (PDF):
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