Product description: Size:18inches  |  Color:Yellow
Our children’s bike will bring you lots of fun. Our simple and stylish children’s bikes can be used as regular or practice bikes. Children’s bikes are elegant and beautiful. It is made of carbon steel and non-slip material. It will not corrode or rust. It is an essential tool for children to travel and play. When you want to ride with your child, our bike will be your best choice. When you take your kids out to play and the kids don’t want to walk, our children’s bikes offer a convenient choice. Not only does it reduce your burden, it also increases your child’s interest.
Size: 18 inches: 120cm * 50~60cm * 75~85cm (47.2 inches * 19.7 ~ 23.6 inches * 30 ~ 33.4 inches). 20 inches: 140cm * 60~70cm * 85~90cm (55.1 inches * 23.6~27.5 inches * 33.4~35.4 inches). 22 inches: 150cm * 70~80cm * 90~95cm (59 inches * 27.5 ~ 31.5 inches * 35.4 ~ 37.4 inches).
Child’s height of use: An 18-inch bicycle for children from 110 cm (43.3 in) to 130 cm (51.1 in). A 20-inch bicycle for children from 120 cm (47.2 in) to 140 cm (55.1 in). A 22-inch bicycle for children from 135 cm (53.1 in) to 155 cm (61 in). – Maximum load capacity: 175kg.
Color: blue, pink, yellow. Included products: 1 *Children’s bicycle, Incorrect operation: Do not touch sharp surfaces or sharp objects. Cleaning method – Simply wipe the product with a damp cloth and clean it quickly. Delivery time: 1~3 days, arrival date: 7~15 days.
Please note: We only sell children’s bicycles, not including other products. Different tools measure slightly different results. The error is 1~2CM. See the actual product for more information. Due to the different shooting tools, the colors may have small differences, but they are not very large. Welcome to our store! If you have any questions, please contact us. All emails will be replied within 1 business day.
Kids bike- Designed for girls and boys, our children’s bikes are perfect for children to travel and play. Bicycles help children get in touch with the vehicle as early as possible. They also provide a convenient way for children to go to school. This children’s bicycle is also a mountain bike for children or a bicycle for outdoor competition. Kids bike design- Our children’s bikes are made of carbon steel frame for durability. The wheels are non-slip tires with five layers of internal protection. The two anti-vibration springs are more shock-absorbing and suitable for any terrain. Equipped with a 7-speed speed regulator. Safety of kids bike- To protect children’s safety, our products use non-slip handles for easy operation and control. In addition, they are equipped with double brakes and have very high sensitivity. There are also non-slip pedals, adjustable height handles and seats that can be deformed to meet the needs of children at all stages. Applicable age and size- Suitable for children 3 years and older. Suitable for smooth and flat areas. Size: 18inches/20inches/22inches. After sales service: If you have questions about the product after receiving our product, we will actively explain your issue. We hope that you can contact us and we will solve various problems for you. We will definitely provide you with a comprehensive service.
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