JZJSZB Freestyle Kid’s Bike for Boys and Girls, 12 14 16 inch with Training Wheels (Size : 14″) Brand: JZJSZB

  1. Widening and thickening tires, anti-slip and wear-resistant is safer, catching stronger, not bumpy, making children ride safer.
  2. High carbon steel frame/fish scale welding, higher strength, superior material, safe material and high stability.
  3. Automotive wear-resistant tires, high-quality rubber, dynamic tires, suitable for all kinds of terrain.
  4. Easy to ride safer, safe and environmentally friendly paint, no added harmful substances.
  5. Adjustable seat height.

Product description:

Size: 14″
  • A kind of exercise that promotes self-reliance, exercise is the nature of children, and cycling can promote children’s sports, the full development of balance ability, the sooner you ride a bicycle, the more favorable the development of children’s sports talent.
    Product Name: Children’s bicycle / tricycle
    Material: carbon steel frame
    colour type: Green
    Size: A12 inches B14 inches
    Body size: A12 inches 88cm | B14 inches 100cm
    Suitable for height range:
    A12 inches for height (80CM-105CM) 2-5 years old baby
    B14 inches for height (90CM-120CM) 3-7 years old baby
  • Beautiful and colorful fashion cool, rim lighting design, colorful flash has become the focus of the little friends, let the baby fall in love with riding.
  • Triangular frame, high deformation resistance, high bearing capacity
  • Double brake, front brake, rear brake, brake sensitive, smooth, easy to operate
  • Upgrade the auxiliary wheel, the auxiliary wheel that is not easy to bend, prevent the side from falling and let the baby fall in love with riding
  • Fully wrapped chain box prevents scratches and anti-card clothing, making it more beautiful.
  • Sports and entertainment water bottle, safe and hygienic, easy to carry and replenish moisture anytime, anywhere
  • Counting the game basket, entertainment and learning are correct
  • Slip-resistant and durable pedals, high-quality bearing pedals, wear-resistant and durable, smoother riding
  • Portable saddle, soft and comfortable, easy for parents to help when starting schoolTips: Wear protective gear when using it, and do not use it on public transportation roads.
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