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  • Stable, 360 ° rowing sports equipment:: This home rowing machine has a smooth steel single track, stable and strong, bearing 100kg; smoother when gliding; the multi-dimensional docking design of the fuselage base and crank, the slider can be 360 ° Sliding freely.
  • Adjustable rowing device:: The hydraulic resistance mode can be adjusted up and down, and the user can adjust the intensity according to their own needs.
  • Land Rowing Device with Data Display:: LED high-definition display allows you to track progress in real-time, record the time, frequency, distance, calories of exercise.
  • Foldable rowing machine, no noise:: This foldable indoor rowing machine does not take up too much space, just use the easy operation to store it after use, you can store the rowing machine under the bed, in the corner, or in a small space Places.
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About FansQ

FansQ has helped our customers achieve their unique fitness goals.

We take great pride in being a premier distributor of high-quality health and fitness products carrying only the finest exercise equipment to ensure efficiency while you work out.

Even if you’re beyond the age of 40, it’s never too late to start.

The multi-functional rowing machine can effectively exercise various qualities such as anaerobic, aerobic, and muscle endurance, and can adjust different resistances to accurately exercise the target muscle groups.

Large-scale sliding rod drives muscles throughout the body, whether it is an office worker with shoulder and neck discomfort or elderly people with sore waist and legs, rowing machines are suitable; Keep silent during exercise without worrying about disturbing family members or neighbors.

Features: Adjustable hydraulic resistance up and down 360 ° all-round rowing, Really imitate paddling action.

Name: Water Rowing Machine, Material: Steel, Size: 130*29 cm(51.2*11.4 inches), Bearing: 100kg
Resistance adjustment method: Hydraulic, Track type: Single Track, Applicable Scenarios: Home, Office, Gym, Outdoor, Business Travel, Functional effect: Gain muscle, shape body, reduce, calories, improve physical fitness, Battery: 2 AA batteries (self-supplied).

1. Please pay attention to the method and the amount of exercise when exercising, and avoid too fast to prevent damage to the muscles of the body
2. To maintain a strong body requires long-term exercise, step by step, please maintain a good attitude.

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We only sell rowing machines, other items are props
It’s a Good Full-Body Workout – help you focus on your arms, abs, and your lower body, all at the same time. They train your muscles to work together and become stronger.

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