AODI Kids Foldable Swing Scooter Adjustable Height Kick Speeder Wiggle Scooters Self Push Drift for Boys/Girl/ 4 Years Old and Up by AODI
  • EASY FOR STORAGE AND TRANSPORT: The scooter can be easy to fold, so convenient for storage, traveling, and transport, So this can be stored anywhere! NOTE Important: Those who wrote the brakes stopped working — brakes are made to be adjustable. Loosen the front wheel brake screws – pull wire tighter with needle-nose pliers – tighten the screw again. If you still haven’t solved your problem, please contact the seller to send the tutorial video.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: Made of heavy-duty steel and aluminum, the adjustable handlebars System can be easy to adjust the height between 87.5cm(Fixed) and 96.5cm(Highest). Unique three wheels design provides better stability. Easy turning, drifting and acceleration.
  • BUILD STRENGTHEN & MAINTAIN BALANCE: Stability through the use of three polyurethane wheels. Great for building leg strength, body coordination and balance. The 3 wheels scooter prevent your child from falling. Front handbrake delivers better control and safety, which makes parents feel relieved without worry about their child.
  • GREAT CAPACITY WEIGHT: Max user loading is 85kgs/187lb. With the design of the bump texture, the plastic pedal plays a function of anti-skid. This Swing Scooter also could be as a gift, novelty birthday gift to your boys or girls. AODI brand Exclusive design with a beautiful box.(Upgrade packaging in December 2019)
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We also offer you a 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee! We are so confident with the quality skateboard. But if you don’t completely satisfied with this product for any reason, please contact us at any time! With 1-Year Free Warranty!!!!!! We will fix or replace defective parts as well.
Smooth Drifting and Control: AODI scooter is designed for teenagers and adults. Riding Scooter is an effective whole-body outdoor exercise. Not only the children can play this scooter with fun but the adult also can ride it to work.
1. Put your feet appropriately for the show. 2. Balance your body from left to right and repeat this action, then the scooter will move easily and continuously. 3. AODI –All our product is sold by factory directly, reaching the highest quality standard. We warm welcome any suggestion of our product or service, we are pursing at doing better.
Package: 1 * AODI Scooter, 1 * English Manual, 1 * Hex Wrench, 1 * Cross Wrench, 1 * Open Wrench
Important Safety Tips: The large screw must be tightened solidly by your hands, otherwise the product will brake suddenly.
Please check the black silicone sleeve pointed by the arrow. In order to prevent the small screw from falling, you must use a double-ended wrench to tighten it.
Easy for storage and transport: The scooter can be eay to fold, so convenient for storage, travelling and transport. Available in two colors as blue and pink.
Kind Notes: 1. Please check all bolts and components before using because the goods have been transported over long distances. 2. Do not play on the wet ground or rainy days to prevent wrestling. 3. Wear a helmet and protective gear before use.
It’s very beneficial for an effective whole-body outdoor exercise. Riding scooter can enhance your children’s legs, the strength of body joints, especially for the idle kids who often stay at home.
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