Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Introduction and Opportunity

  • The TechValleyOnlineShopping (, ‘we,’ or ‘our’) takes our users’ privacy very extraordinery. This privacy policy clarifies how we collect, practice, and unveil personal data about you when you use our website,, download our Deals by Techvalleyonlineshopping mobile application, or subscribe to and interact with our circulars.  (Composed, the ‘Services’).
  • We invite you to read this Privacy Policy wisely. By continuing to exercise our Services, you accept our Terms and Conditions, which constitutes this Privacy Policy. If you do not need to be sure by Techvalleyonlineshopping’ Privacy Policy, or Terms and Conditions, please discontinue consuming or retrieving our Services.

Which data We collect

When you cooperate with our Website or our Application, we may collect the following quantities of personal information about you:

  • When you sign up to receive notice from us, or contact us about our reviews, we may collect identifiers. Such as name and email address etc. You do not have to provide this information to use our Services. But we may need it in order to provide you with specific services. For example you would need to provide your email address. So we can send you the techvalleyonlineshopping’s circulars accordingly.
  • When you browse our website or use our application, we routinely collect data from the internet and device. Data may include, but is not limited to internet protocol (IP) addresses. Also, Browser types, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), access times, referring web sites, exit pages and click activity. We take general location data such as city and state over and done with IP addresses.
  • We may take information from third parties, like Amazon, when for example; you click on a link on the Services. And that takes you to Amazon’s website.

Cookies and Other Technical Know-hows

  • The TechValleyOnlineShopping collects internet and device data is using cookies. Cookies are a little text files with exceptional recognizing strings of characters. Cookies help‘ store information about visitors’ preferences, record user-specific information about the pages users access. Also, customize web content based on a visitor’s browser type or other information that the visitor sends through their browser.
  • You can disable cookies in your web browser so that cookies are not set up without your permission. Note that disabling cookies may limit the features and services available to you. Data that is more detailed about cookie management with specific web browsers can find on the browsers’ individual websites.

How We Use the Information that We Collect from You

We exercise the data we collect about you in a variety of ways:

  • To deliver, preserve, and evolve our Services and link with you about our Services at your demand. Such as to deliver you with buyer assistance and to reply to your explorations, personalize your involvement in our Services. Through advertising, and to deliver data about our Services and particular offers. So that you may be interested and safe and secure our Services and its users. For example by observing, precluding, and identifying fraud, and contesting malware or security risks. To make place, apply, or protect our legal rights where is it necessary for our interests or the reasonable interests of others. Also, including to enforce our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, or to protect our Services, users, or others.

How We Share the Info that Collects from You

  • We may unveil the information collected from you with the third parties for business purposes (as defined by applicable law). And, or as required by applicable law described in this section.

We share your info with the following presence

  • Our service providers perform services on our behalf.

Our associates or affiliates partner

  • We may share info collected within our company family. So that products and services can deliver to you and our product, service, and customer experience can improve.

Third-party merchants or sellers

  • When you click on one of our product reviews to make a purchase. Third-party vendors are sent some internet and device information to let them know that you came from our site. Where the transaction needs to be completed (payment).

Whereabouts the Third parties for legal purposes

  • If we collect and maintain information from you, we may disclose it. If we wish to do so in accordance with the law in good faith that such disclosure is reasonably necessary. To comply with legal procedures, rights, property or to protect ourselves, our users, the public. Or other third parties.

Sales procedure of all or part of our business

  • We may disclose information related to a corporate transaction, for example consolidation, investment, acquisition, restructuring, consolidation, bankruptcy, liquidation. Or due diligence due to the thought of selling or transacting some or all of our assets.

The procedures of Third-party online advertisers and ad networks

  • Our Services may disclose information to third party ad networks. So that you may display ads on other websites you visit and other applications you use.
  • We may come together and de-identify information collected through the Services or other means. So that the information is not intended to identify you. The use and disclosure of the information we collect and / or identify is not subject to any restrictions under this Privacy Policy. And we may disclose it to others without limitation for any purpose.

Online Analytics Services

  • We can use third party web analytics facilities in our services, such as Google Analytics and similar providers. These service suppliers use cookies and similar knowhow to help analyze how users use the services, including those from third party websites.
  • The data collected by Technology (with your IP address) will be make known or collected directly by these services providers. Who use the information to review your use of the Services. We use Google Analytics for specific purposes related to advertising, as described in the following segments. To prevent Google Analytics from using data for analysis, you can install Google Analytics Opt-Out Browser Add-on accordingly.

Advantage-Based Advertising Services

  • Third parties can access and advertise their products through the Services without limitation. They may place cookies or other tracking technologies (such as mobile ‘SDKs’). That serve as the mobile version of a browser cookie and are embedded in the mobile application on your computer device browser. And also, mobile phone application or other device you need.
  • We allow other third parties to show you interest-based ads on the Services. Also, access their own cookies or other tracking technologies on your computer devices.
  • Third parties who use these technologies can give you a way out of targeting interest-based advertising as described below. We do not maintain or control these opt out processes third parties non-affiliated supplying. Furthermore, we do not control which third party chooses to participate in this opt-out system.
  • If you want to learn about interest-based browser ads. And how you can control cookies to place such ads on your computer in general. You can visit the Consumer Opt-Out Links
  • If you have a Google Account, we may use Google Analytics to show you ads. You can opt out of Google Analytics for display ads or customize Google Display Network. You will need to log in to Google via the sign in link. If you are not already logging in when you visit that page.
  • Please note that opting out of interest-based advertising does not mean that you will no longer see ads on the Services. But that these ads may be less relevant to your interests.

Defending Your Information

  • We can ensure to preserve the security of personal information. We employ various administrative, technical, operational security measures based on sensitivity of the information we collect to secure such data. Please note that internet & electronic transmission or storage is 100% secure. We also respond appropriately to protect against unauthorized disclosure of information. We cannot guarantee to disclose the collected data in a way that is inconsistent with this Privacy Policy.

Liking About Your Private Data

Marketing Emails and Circulations:

  • If you are no longer interested in receiving our circulation or other emails about our services. You can click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email we send.

Announcement to California Residents

  • If you are a resident of California, California law requires you to provide some additional information about how we collect. Also, we use and share your “personal information” as defined in the California Consumer Privacy Act ‘CCPA’.
  • We share data in classification of information we collect our business purpose how we use information we collect from you. And share how we collect sections of this Privacy Policy from you. We provide additional information required by the CCPA below. This information and the rights discussed below do not apply to information. Which collected from our employees, former employees, candidates, job applicants, contractors, service providers, or the best review business contacts.

A. Types of private data we collect, use and disclose. 

All over this policy, we discuss in detail the types of information we collect from users. And how we use and share such information. The “Types” of personal data under the CCPA that we collect from consumers in California and in this notice. We may use and disclose for our business purposes:

  • Identifiers: such as name, address, email address;
  • Commercial information: such as transaction information;
  • Device identifiers: such as IP addresses and unique device identifiers;
  • Activities on the Internet or other networks or devices:  such as browsing history. Or app usage; general geolocation data from IP address. Any user-generated content or feedback you provide; and other information that identifies or may be associated with you.

B. How we use these types of individual data. 

Our service suppliers and we may use the types of individual data we collect from and about you. For the following business and commercial purposes (As defined in applicable law):

  • The purpose of our or our service provider’s activities. Monitor consumer interaction on our site (e.g., measure ad impressions); Identify, protect and prosecute security incidents, fraudulent, illegal activities. Bug detection and error reporting; we or our service providers are customizing content displayed on the Services (e.g., contextual advertising). Service delivery (e.g., account servicing and maintenance, customer service, advertising and marketing, analysis and communication about services). To Improve our existing services and develop new services (e.g., conduct research to develop new products or features). Other uses that further our commercial, economic interests, as third party advertising, contacting you relevant offers from third party partners. Other uses that we inform you about.
  • Examples of such uses are discussed in how we use the information we collect from you. We may also use personal information sections to comply with applicable laws and regulations. And may collect the information we collect (“aggregate”) or remove pieces of information (“de-identify”). Or devices to limit or prevent the identification of any user or device.

C.  Types of individual data we disclose for business purposes.

For business purposes (as defined by applicable law) or as required by applicable law, we may disclose information about you. Or the use of our services in the following categories:

  • Identifier: Such as name, address, email address;
  • Commercial information: Such as transaction information;
  • Device identifier: Such as IP address and unique device identifier;
  • Internet or other network or device activity: Such as browsing history or app usage; General Geolocation information from IP address; any user-created content or feedback that you provide; and other information that identifies. Or may be reasonably associated with you.

D. California Privacy, Data Access & Deletion Rights.

If you are a resident of California, CCPA allows you to make specific requests about your personal information. In particular, CCPA allows you to request us:

  • We inform you of the types of personal data we collect or disclose about you; the category of such information sources; Business or commercial purposes for collecting your personal information; and third party departments with whom we share / disclose personal information. Provide a copy of the access and / or specific personal information we hold about you. Delete some of our personal information about you. We need specific types of information so that we can provide you with services. If you ask us to delete it, you will no longer be able to access or use the Services.

E. Notification of the Right to Opt-Out of Sale of Personal data.

  • Under CCPA, sale defined in such a way that it may allow third parties to receive certain data, such as cookies, IP addresses, and/or browsing behaviors that may provide interest-based advertising on the Services or other services. Advertising with interest-based advertising enables us to provide certain content free and allows us to make relevant offers for you.
  • Depending on which services you use, we may provide the following types of third party individual data for online interest-based advertising:
  • Demographic and statistical information, user-generated content, device information and identifiers, connection and usage information, geographic location and Social media information.
  • California residents can remove their personal data from “Sale” by clicking Don’t Sell My Information.

F. Declaration.

  • Before responding to a request for access, deletion, or opt-out, we will take reasonable steps to verify your identity, which may be minimal, depending on the sensitivity of the information you are requesting and the type of request you are making. Create; verify your name, email address and mailing address.
  • You permite to nominate an authorized agent to submit specific requests on your behalf. In order to verify an authorized agent, you must give the authorized agent a signed, written permission to make such a request or power of attorney. We may follow up with you to verify your identity before processing the authorized agent’s request.

G. How to practice Your California Legal Rights.

  • If you like to exercise your legal rights to opt out of the sale of your personal data, click do not sell my information.

H.  Non-discrimination and Financial Incentives.

  • If you wish to exercise your legal rights to opt-out of the sale of your personal data, click do not sell my information.
  • CCPA gives you more non-discriminatory (as provided by applicable law) rights to exercise your right of access, deletion or opt-out of sale. Some data may be exempt from such requests under applicable law. You also have the right (if any) to receive information about your financial incentives.

I.  California Shine the Light.

  • California law users who are residents of California are allowed to request and receive free requests from us once a year, a list of third parties to whom we have their ‘personal information’ (if any, and as defined under applicable California law) The purpose of marketing, as well as the type of personal information, is disclosed to those parties. If you are a resident of California and would like to request this information please submit your request via email to

J.   California Do-Not-Track Disclosure Requirements.

  • We extremely dedicate to provide meaningful choices about the data we collect in our services to third parties. We, therefore, provide customer opt-out links to Network Advertising Enterprises, consumer opt-out links to Digital Advertising Alliance. Also, provide Advertising page of Trust Arc, analysis, interest in Privacy Policy Google opt-out link information in ad section. Though, we do not recognize or respond to browser-initiated do not track signals. As the Internet industry is currently working on do not track standards, implementation, and solutions.

Announcements for Nevada Residents

  • Under Nevada law, some Nevada consumers may remove or sell “personally identifiable information” for the financial consideration of that person in order to license or sell such information to an additional person. “Personally identifiable information” includes first and last names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, or an identifier that allows a particular person to communicate physically or online.
  • We are not involved in such activities; however, if you are a Nevada resident who has purchased or leased goods or services from us, you may submit an email to with the content requesting to stop any possible future sales under Nevada law “Nevada Opt-Out.” Please note that we will take reasonable steps to verify your identity and the authenticity of your request. Once verified, we will maintain your request if our practice changes.

Announcements to European Residents

  • If you are a resident of the European Union or the European Economic Area (with the United Kingdom and Switzerland for this purpose, the “EU”), you have certain legal rights with respect to your personal information.
  • Our authentic interest in processing your personal information is to provide the services described in the disclosure above. We may store personal information throughout the duration of your relationship with us. We may store it for as long as necessary, including for legal, accounting, or reporting obligations or dispute resolution purposes.

Under applicable data protection and privacy laws

You have the right to make certain requests concerning your personal data, such as:

  • Find out what personal information we keep about you or a copy of it;
  • Modify your personal information;
  • Let us delete your personal information;
  • Have us restrict our use of your personal information; or
  • Withdraw any consent you have previously given.
  • Note that these rights may be subject to certain scope and limits under the law. If you have any concerns with how your information used, or would like to submit any such requests. You can contact us at privacy as directed below. If you believe that we have violated any rights, we encourage you to contact us first. So, that we can try to resolve the issue. However, you may have the right to lodge a complaint with an applicable data protection authority.
  • Keep in mind that these rights may be subject to certain opportunities and limits under the law. If you have concerns about how your information used, or would like to submit such a request. You may contact us at emailing or as directed below. If you believe we have infringed any rights, we encourage you to contact us first. So we can try to resolve the issue. However, you may have the right to file a complaint with an applicable data protection authority.
  • Our may or we transfer and store subcontractors at a destination outside the EU. We will take reasonable steps to ensure to treat your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy and law.

Linked Websites

  • may supply links to third party websites and services for your suitability.
  • does not control, and is not responsible for how those third parties collect or use your data. You should check the relevant privacy policies of these third party ad servers for more information about their practices. Advice on how to remove them from certain practices.

Guiding principle changes

  • Please note that we may change our Privacy Policy from time to time. Also, encourage you to visit it regularly to review any changes to ensure you are aware of our latest version.

Conclusion & Contact us

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